A Unique ProGram For Bank Owned Property repair + Renovations

We pay for, performs & sell many properties for nearly 40% more on average. In doing so for banks, the institutions incur absolutely NO costs or risks to repair and rehab REOs, and PriceLift takes on all the risks! 

What's our incentive here? — Simple as always! By paying for & performing the entire rehab, we sell the properties for 30-45% more, netting much more for sellers & we are paid by a part of their added profits. This means Your bank is currently selling each of its' REOs for 30-45% LESS than it could have, by listing them as-is!

Our REO Program allows banks to recoup MUCH MORE of their losses on each REO, and asset managers increase the assets they retain for the bank on each REO they refer us as well! It truly is a win-win-win-win for all parties involved! We are a trusted rehab resource with multiple crews of licensed professionals that perform quality work & stick to proposed timelines. No contractor headaches! Our team conducts assessments at no cost or time on the banks part to figure all the renovation costs we will pay for to sell the property for 30-45% more. Then our crews get straight to work in getting the property ready for the market ASAP as we only get paid once the property sells!